We minister to the Lord morning, noon, & night.

Prayer Room Hours

Monday - Friday || 6 AM - 8 PM
Saturday || 10 AM - 12 PM

Our UPPERROOM Dallas Prayer Room is open to the public! We have corporate sets facilitated by a prayer leader at 6 AM, 12 PM, and 6 PM on the weekdays, and there are either devotional sets or worship music playing in between for you to come in and sit in the presence of the Lord.

To learn more about how to apply and audition click here.


As we gather, worship is expressed through thanksgiving, praise, prayer, creativity, and other means that focus our hearts on encountering Jesus. We believe that as we corporately worship and behold Him, we will be transformed by His Presence and more into His likeness. Through hearing His voice, declaring His Word, and praying His heart, Heaven’s realities grow in our lives, circumstances, cities, and nations.


The UPPERROOM Dance Team is an assembly of dance artists with the goal of ministering to the heart of God through movement. The UPPERROOM Dance Team uses biblical principles of worship to release and reveal the spirit of God during church services and prayer sets. We aim to foster a culture in the UPPERROOM community that encourages the congregation to be the moving, dancing body of Christ.

Worshipers interested in prophetic movement language can attend UPPERROOM prayer sets to grow and explore their movement in worship.

Dancers interested in connecting with or joining the UPPERROOM Dance team can email dance@uroom.org for more information.

visual arts

UPPERROOM Dallas hosts a vibrant and growing community of artists dedicated to the pursuit of expressing the heart of the Father through the visual arts. We believe the creativity of Holy Spirit is our guide to releasing spontaneous works of art that usher in the presence of Jesus and build up the body of Christ.

The most visible activities of our artists occur during weekend services as they release paintings as part of the worship experience. In addition, a small gallery collection of rotating art adorns the UPPERROOM Dallas lobby and showcases completed works from our in-house artists.

To learn more about Visual Art at UPPERROOM Dallas, please contact Camille Riggs at art@uroom.org.