Building His House.
Hosting His Presence.
Future UPPERROOM Campus
We are expanding our capacity so His presence can transform even more lives through prayer and worship.
Why $6,000,000 in 60 Days?
Fourteen years ago, UPPERROOM began with a small prayer meeting above a vet clinic that has matured into a vibrant local community making an impact in the global church today. This is more than a building. It’s hosting His presence. God has given UPPERROOM a blueprint where His presence is at the center of everything.

You are invited to sow into the future of UPPERROOM.
Will you please join us?


If 6,000 individuals come together to contribute $1,000 each, we would successfully meet our fundraising goal. This might seem like a significant amount at first glance, but when you break it down, it's manageable for individuals. Here's the breakdown:

6,000 People

Imagine a community of 6,000 passionate individuals, each willing to contribute towards this cause. These can be friends, family, neighbors, and even people from around the world united by a shared purpose.

$1000 Each

Each person's contribution amounts to $1,000. This substantial but achievable sum reflects a commitment to the cause and demonstrates the collective strength of community support.

$16 a Day

Spread over 60 days, a $1,000 donation equals just $16 a day. This modest daily commitment, when multiplied, creates a significant impact. Achieving this collective effort will help us reach our goal effectively.

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